The following poem is dedicated to The X for proffering the title. Thanks love.

I gave myself
No holds barred
And my heart was resting
Six feet underground
Where I fell in love
Then I looked at her
Beautiful and bold she was
My ugly scars, my dark thoughts
She mirrored them, embraced them
My reflection promised to be my garden of dreams
And I fell again like leaves in autumn
On the mirror that is my life

I shut my eyes tight
But I could still see her
Thousands of voices echoed in my head
But they were all mine
I stared into her eyes
And shattered under the pressure of what I saw
Broken mirrors
Cuts and bruises
A dark burden within my heart, carried by my own soul
And a smile that held the darkest realities.
Shattered to pieces and never to be whole again,
I fell again like leaves in autumn
On the mirror that is my life.

Thankful that I didn’t look like I felt;
Fragments of past love and rejection
All pieced together with a flimsy adhesive
I stared into the shattered glass
No one saw her hurting
Not the broken shards that she was made up of
So I gave my final smile to the girl in the mirror
My reflection
I looked into my own eyes
And I fell once again like leaves in autumn
Embracing the shattered kaleidoscope that is my life.

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