This drought has brought days of endless strife
Such that if I left, no one would notice
All they see is the smile on my face
Or do they see the tears that I fight to hold inside?

This emptiness has locked me in without any hopes of escaping
And now I’m passing through these streets without leaving an impact
My tears are washing away my footprints
And the pain has eaten up what little sanity I have left

My heart’s beating but it’s dead
I’m a walking corpse, lost inside my own head
I’ve been thrown into a raging ocean
And I don’t even know how to swim.

If my skin would just look like my heart does;
Shattered, Unclean, Shameful
Then maybe I wouldn’t want to slit my wrist
And they wouldn’t think I’m crazy when they read this.


This is a special dedication to the 1010 views I have on Smallee Writes and The X who proffered the titles to three of my poems. I thank everybody that’s been with me so far on this. I wrote this poem one midnight when everything just seemed wrong with my life.. Because I promised myself that I wont cry this year, I tore out all the pages in the book where I write my poems; and I wrote this one. If you’ve ever felt that way, then you know that you feel as if nobody will understand if you tell them how you’re feeling or in some cases you can’t even explain why you’re so sad. I hope you like it.

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  1. Me and you need to sit down and talk! I can’t exactly feel how you feel sometimes but I definitely can relate! Like! Nice piece between!

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