I used to wish for a window,
To let air in
And stop my soul from suffocating
But I’ve been locked away for too long;
Shackles designed by society.
My cries for help are silent
No one is listening anyway.

Now I’m swimming in this pool of darkness
But I can finally feel myself breathe
I know that this path doesn’t lead to happiness
But there’s nobody to pull me
From the darkness’s grip

So I’m slipping away undetected
Leaving behind this world of truculence
Emptiness has built a home for me
So I’m leaving here
Anathematized, chastised and lonely
And I’m finally letting go.


The above poem is about suicide; something I’ve considered countless times in my life. I hate all forms of pain and so every time I feel pain that I don’t think I can handle, I think of the fastest way to alleviate it PERMANENTLY: suicide. Thankfully though, I’ve not tried it before. Anyways… I hope you like it:)

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  1. Heyys! Dee! I feel like we have so much in common. This poem explains how I’ve felt a number of times. Nice piece!

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