Like side stitches, we feel every agonizing emotion, every detail until something comes along that makes it either more or less painful!"
Would that make you stuff yourself in my shoes?
"And shattered under the pressure of what I saw Broken mirrors Cuts and bruises A dark burden within my heart, carried by my own soul"
"Let me taste your skin Reveling in the satisfaction Of bees drinking nectar"
"Thighs shaking, Tide breaking, Quivering like jelly."
"Penetrate me Engrave yourself inside me for eternity"
"I felt the world spin around us And time stand still"
"My tears are washing away my footprints And the pain has eaten up what little sanity I have left"
"But I've been locked away for too long; Shackles designed by society. My cries for help are silent"
"My emotions went flat I became a nobody in a nothing land"