I was thinking today about people that fight with their friends and don’t talk to them anymore, because the friends make decisions that they don’t approve of… The following poem was written from the perspective of a now-sober friend that disapproved of her friend’s decision to go into prostitution to survive. It was however untitled at first because I couldn’t think of an appropriate title. I made the mistake of asking a friend of mine for help and y’know what she came up with? “Friends with Benefit”. *Sighs*
But The X came up with the first part of the title which led me to think hard and come up with the second. So I decided to dedicate this post and the next to him. Thanks:)
Enjoy! Maybe…

It’s been a long time since I spoke with you
And a still longer time since I saw you
After all these while,
The momentary and painful sense of restraint has vanished
I confess I have thought of following your steps
But my ambitions do not lie in that way
It contains little hope or comfort for me
I conceive no shame of the dependence in which I live
I refuse to take bread from hands
Which just previously have roamed my body
Refuse to stain my body with the sweat of countless men everyday
But being left to myself,
I have come to realise that you only pursued
What seemed to be the only option at the time
And I know we parted with mutual disgust
And we have conducted our affairs
With persevering hostility since
But I think that maybe I should just pause a moment
And tell you that I do not judge you
And we remain friends in my mind.


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  1. Here is a few to also pick from… “My Best And Worst Friend” “No Thanks My Friend”.. I hope i helped a lil 🙂

  2. Dear Smalleewrites, Its unfair ooo, despite all the titles i suggested you couldnt even include 1 in the 3 titles :(.. I’m fighting you, i wont come on here again 🙁

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