Painful as it is for me to admit
For some inexplicable reason
I am fast becoming incapable of resisting you
But it can’t go on.
I’m wise enough to know
That that way lays only heartache.


I have told myself not to tour that road
I have told myself I am wiser than that
But I think my heart might betray my wisdom
Because it seems to be in an unbreakable affinity with pain


Sometimes you’re single but your heart is taken by someone you can’t call your own. And sometimes you give your heart to someone that you’re not even sure wants it. Problems can be fixed easily but unrequited love is a tragedy. It is the curse of lonely hearts.
I wrote the first poem a few weeks back and one of my favorite people in the world wrote the second part. I would have added one or two stanzas to my part but the two poems just seemed perfect when read together. 

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