The idea of death and the afterlife fascinates me… I always find myself wondering what a person’s last breath feels like, what it feels like to die, what it feels like to stay dead, if there really are paranormal activities. The idea of escaping this place of worries and pain for all eternity, excites me. And because I like some things to be done a certain way so that my chaotic life will have a semblance of organization, I feel like I have to write down what I want my afterlife to be, what I want my loved ones to do when I go. As promised, this poem is dedicated to The X. Enjoy! Maybe.

When He looks around His kingdom
And finds a place for me;
When he pulls me close
And lifts me to rest with Him,
You will think that I am gone.
But look around you,
I’ll always be living with you
Within you.
In the stillness,
The darkness of night,
When you are in pain,
I want you to draw me to your heart.

When it’s time for me to leave,
Don’t stand at my grave and weep
Just let me sleep
Let me float
Don’t grieve for me, for I am finally free
My time might seem too brief
But He wanted me
And I took His hand
Let everything remain as it was
When we laughed at the little jokes
Call me by my old nickname
Without sobriety
Because I have only taken flight
To apply in His vacancy.

When it’s time to send me off to my happily ever after,
Put me deep in the ground
With strangers all around
And I will tell them about you
About the memories I have of you
Filled with so much joy
A friendship, a song
A joke, a laugh,
A hug, a kiss
These things I will also miss.
I will make them envious
That I got to have you in my life.

On that day,
Sing me my favorite songs
In that horrible voice that I love
Shed no tears
All I need is your smile
As I leave for this strange place
I’m sure it’s beautiful where I’m going
A place where I won’t have to worry
I will know no pain
This far my feet have brought me
And now that they have failed,
It’s time for me to float away
My body and soul will leave
But a part of me will stay
I will remain with you
Or I’ll take a part of you with me

With a freshly tailored dress on my back,
I want you to send me off with good music
And merry tales
Of the times we had
But no tears at all
Because my loved ones,
I want to leave the way I lived.


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  1. Small head, Big BRAIN…. Always knew you had the potential to be whatever you want to be. Glad you didnt kill the dream

  2. Awesome, inspiring. The sky is just your limit, just keep the ball rolling and be sincere with your thoughts. Don’t manipulate

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