When we first met, we understood

That whatever happened,

Our bodies would haunt one another

We simply knew

That we would be insatiable

As the musky scent of sex

Hung heavily in the air between us

And desire crept up on us slowly

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When you gave me my first kiss,

It made me moan out loud

I should have felt shame

But I felt like I was on a cloud

It was a silent total ecstasy

That you and I felt and declared

The glow of passion

Shining deep into the night

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You bent your head to kiss each taut nipple

Before returning to take my mouth with yours again

You swept me away in a torrent of undreamed of pleasure

As you kissed and tasted every inch of me

You swept away my virginal fears with a skill and mastery that overwhelmed me

And when you finally surged inside me,

The fierce pain was obliterated in moments

By stroke after stroke of torturous pleasure

images 5

We were wild with lust

Meeting each other with passionate thrusts

You drove me inexorably

To that torturous brink of ecstasy that i could only imagine

I clung to you as though you were my world

As you sent me over the edge,

My body convulsing around you in a tidal wave of earth-shattering mindless delight

Then I felt you tauten

images 6

And I heard your answering cry

As your body shuddered violently

With the powerful force of your own orgasm

You wrapped your arms around me and watched me

I could only smile as the tempestuous waves of our love-making gradually subsided,

Bringing my body to a state of languorous fulfilment

I knew then that I was made to love you

And as from that day, I was yours

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