"I refuse to take bread from hands Which just previously have roamed my body Refuse to stain my body with the sweat of countless men everyday"
"Love and I had never met; No indulgence of hers had enervated Or sated one faculty of my nature"
"But it can't go on. I'm wise enough to know... But I think my heart might betray my wisdom"
The idea of death and the afterlife fascinates me… I always find myself wondering what a […]
" I wondered, "Are my lips as red and pulsing as they feel?" "Are my clothes disarranged?" "
"When we made love that night, It was a tender expression of newfound love"
So I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by Dammy's Blog. (Do check out her blog) and I accept wholeheartedly. Thanks girl! But first of all, introduction...
"Had we not been separated by so many layers of clothing, It would have been outright lovemaking"
"But your words cut deeper than a knife They were not out of control, They had your help You made me hate myself"