I know all about love
The kind that makes your heart ache
And your face wet
From all the crying you do

I know all about sex
The kind that makes your kitty ache
And your thighs wet
From all the dipping you do

I know all about liquor
The kind that makes your head ache
And your clothes wet
From all the upchucking you do

I know all about love, sex and liquor
The kind that makes you forget
As it draws you into oblivion


This was the first poem I wrote after a very long time. True, the last stanza is a new addition but the rest of the poem is just as I wrote it. And I remember sending it to this awesome writer that I know, (Please do check out her blog at lifeofdamny.wordpress.com) I remember how happy I felt when she said it was good. That happiness led me to write more and it eventually led me to open this blog. My writing is my best friend because I know that my secrets are in a safe house.

PS: Next post will be the next part of I’m Coming- A very short story. I hope you enjoy it.


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